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6361 Voltage Coupling Error

We have a BNC 2110 in series with a Ni-PXIe 6361, housed in a NI PXIe1078e chassis. 


Our problem is as follows: Upon hooking a function generator up to the analog input channel, a voltage is coupled into the next channel over.  Originally, we though this had something to do with the RSE/GSE toggle on the BNC 2110, but the phenomenae appears to be independent of this toggle.  I will attach a screen shot later.


System Information:

Windows 7 (64 Bit)

Lab View 2010


Processor: Intel i3-2100


Hardware in PXIe 1078:

1 PXIe 8375 in slot 1

1 PXIe 6368 in slot 3

1 PXIe 5105 in slot 5

1 PXIe 5105 in slot 6

1 PXIe 6361 in slot 8

1 PXIe 6361 in slot 9


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Images Should Be below.block_diagram.jpg


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Didn't post both photos.  Next One is attached.scrnshot.jpg

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Hello iheartchocolate123abc,


This is Andrew Brown, an Applications Engineer from National Instruments. In order to clarify your issue, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:


1. What sampling rate are you using for your measurement?

2. What units are shown on the Y-axis of your picture?


I suspect that the root cause of your issue is interference between the Analog channels on your device. Some very useful articles on this are Troubleshooting Unexpected Voltages, Floating, or Crosstalk on Analog Input Channels and How Do I Eliminate Ghosting From My Measurements?.


Please let me know if you have questions on these articles or about the issue you have seen.




Andrew Brown

Software Engineer
National Instruments
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Thank you for the articles, I shall read through them.  Hopefully the solution is somewhere in there, if not I'll reply again. 


The sampling rate in that photo was 1200 Hz.  The y axis is the input voltage in millivolts. 

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