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6052E signal Generation across MXI-3 connection works from standard MAX generation but not from a LabVIEW vi controlling the card.

The 6052E Daq card is being used for signal generation and waveform analysis. the waveform analysis is working OK. I have two Racks connected via MXI-3 the controller is on the opposite rack to the 6052E card.
when trying to generate a signal the MXI-3 indicators are hard on, showing a lot of traffic. The card seems to try and generate the waveform then stops. any ideas?
perhaps a DMA problem ?
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MXI-3 can be a bottleneck for for data throughput from PC memory. The sustained rates are 80 MB/s (pc to chassis) for writes and 40MB/s for reads (chassis to pc). There is overhead associated with MXI-3 also that effects the data transfer rates.

What does this mean to the DAQ card user?

Taking an e-series card for example, every sample is 2 bytes. To send data back to the PC we have a rate of 40MB/s. So the card (multiple cards) can theoretically transfer 20 MS/s across MXI-3.
Hope this helps you to find the solution.
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