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4 point measurement/remote sensing with NI PXIe- 1062Q

Hello, Altruists!


I have a NI PXIe- 1062Q with PXI- 4070 DMM and PXI- 4130 SMU modules. I want to measure resistance using 4-point measurement/remote sensing using either of the modules (whichever is more convenient). Which should be my option and how to configure that? Is there any vi that anyone can kindly refer to? Thank you!

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I believe this page has most of the information you are looking for:


Remote Sense with NI DC Power Supplies and SMUs


As shown on the page, you'll need to use the 4130 if you want to use Remote Sense. Hope this helps!

Levi D.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Hello, Levi!


Thanks a ton for the response. If I connect four wires with channel 1 of the SMU 4130, using the NI DC power soft front panel, I can observe the reading as you can see on the photo that I attached. The LabVIEW installed in the PXIe is 2011 edition.


I was trying to log the data of the four-point measurement for a certain duration and observe the variation. Also, I want to export the data for further analysis. How to achieve these two objectives? Thank you!



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