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3D CAD STEP files

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Hello colleagues,
I am looking for a 3D CAD STEP file for article 787525-01. Can someone send it to me or tell me where I can find it?
Best regards

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FYR - https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA03q000000YRhtCAG&l=en-US


Google was smart to show me the dimensional drawings link right in the first page,





I hope the PN you shared was the rack mount kit.


Soliton Technologies

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PXIe-1088_mit_781634-01.jpg781634-01_151749A-01.pngMany thanks for the quick response. Now I've gotten a little further and found the correct PN 781634-01 according to a PDF on page 16 (marked in green), but unfortunately I can't find a 3D STEP file for it either. Does anyone know why or where it's hidden? I have included a graphic in the appendix where you can see what it is about. Thank you very much and best regards, Michael

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oh, thank you very much, it's done, I found it under the pxie-1078. 😁

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