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-1074384781, XNET Start.vi, PXI-8512 (CAN)

Hi everyone, I'm new to Labview with Core 1 and 2 training last month.  Please bear with me.


I have a PXI-8512 (CAN) hardware module and am throwing error -1074384781 from the XNET Start.vi.  This hardware/software has been running for months without error.  I have had three of these in the last 5 day.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the first time each day that the CAN protocols were invoked for unit testing, requiring XNET Start, I got this error.  After a complete shudown and reboot into the executable (not modified), the specific units plus many more were tested, invoking CAN without error.  Thursday and Friday, no problems.


I have been developing on this system and have edited CAN channels in MAX in the past week.  I was adding channels for a new product and these channels were not involved with, or related to, the products under test in the executable. I cannot swear that I did this only on Friday, Monday and Tuesday only, but I am pretty sure that I created new channels and then saved them in MAX on these days only.  I did not touch anything in MAX on Wedesday or Thursday, followed by no error -1074384781 on Thursday and Friday.


It may just be a coincidence, but it appears that after modifying the CAN database in MAX, then saving and rebooting to the executable, the first time I run XNET Start I get this error.  Again, three days in a row, error on first XNET Start.vi call of the day, shutdown, reboot to the executable, no error.



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Hey IcyMountain,


Could you post your code where this error occurs, or a screenshot of the code? Also, the CAN database file would be helpful. Just to clarify, did the error not start occuring until you modified the database file? Lastly, on the XNET Start.vi are you using a particular scope (i.e. Interface only, session only, etc.)?





Ryan P.
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