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1042Q with PXI 8360-Controller and Pickering Cards

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1042Q with PXI 8360-Controller and Pickering Cards


i have a 1042Q-Chassis with a PXI 8360-Controller and some Pickering Cards.

Connected to the XP-PC with an PCI-e-card-


Installed is only Ni Max , Ni-Visa, Ni-PXI ...


Now the question is how to setup the chasis in the ni-max 4.7?


In Max i see under "Geräte und Schnittstellen" a line with PXI System (unidentified). I tried to load some of  the ini-files deliverered with the NI-pxi-cd but i cant control anything.


Can someone gibe me a hint what to do?


I already doenloaded a file from pickering website pipx40vpp.zp that should cover all my pickering card an also has some frontpanles.

But when starting the frontpanels it says "No cards detected". I think i first have to set it up correct in the max.


Thanks for any help


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Re: 1042Q with PXI 8360-Controller and Pickering Cards

It works.


The mainproblem was / is that the PCIx-card is not working the PC. I put it iin another PC and then it works everythinig and all cards in the mainfram are now listed in the testpanels.


So the new question is: Why does the old pc not boot when the 1042Q-mainframe is connected and turned on?

Is there something like a bios-setting odr do i need a bios-upgrade?


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08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: 1042Q with PXI 8360-Controller and Pickering Cards

Thank you very much for the help.

Problem is solved now:

The main-problem was that the PCIx1-Slot was not working. I put the card in another PCIx-slot and then it worked at once.

I found this tip here:


Try different PCI or PCI Express slots in the host PC for you MXI interface.
The algorithm some BIOSs use has better behavior in some slots than others.


Perhaps someone will need it in the future.

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