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Make a Minecraft mod that adds in-game versions of NI hardware, controllable via a virtualized network

Status: New

Yes, it sounds silly, but hear me out. It might be a worthwhile idea.


There's lots of Minecraft mods based around building factories and setting up systems to automate them. If players could use hardware from NI's product lineup, and program it over a virtual network the same way one would program the real thing, it could be a great way to introduce hobbyists to it, and give them some amount of experience that could carry over to working with actual hardware. A player could craft a PXI chassis and controller, add a redstone interface module or something like that, as well as craft a router that connects the equipment to a virtual network adapter. Also add a touch panel for good measure. Then you could use LabVIEW to deploy code to the in-game hardware.


I've never tried using LabVIEW with Minecraft in any way so this might not work well, but it might. If so, now that Community Edition is available, it's never been a better time!

See also my thread on the LAVA forum: https://lavag.org/topic/21761-has-anyone-thought-about-using-labview-with-modded-minecraft/

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Also, one other thing that would probably be important here: for all the addon toolkits that would be needed to control the real hardware, NI could offer a free edition that only supports simulated hardware, including hardware inside a video game. This way it'll actually be accessible to everyone, without them having to spend a fortune on whatever Community Edition doesn't have (or resort to less legal means.)