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MXI bulkhead interface

I have an upcoming requirement for connecting two test equipment racks so that one contains a control computer and PXI chassis and the second rack contains another PXI chassis. The control computer will include a two-port MXI Master PXIe card, and each PXI chassis an MXI Slave card.

The problem arises that there is no means to bring out an MXI cable from one rack to the other, except through a hole, rather than a proper feed-through connector.

I can design and build a back-to-back pair of MXI matching Molex connectors on a small PCB, but a qualified, tested, and approved OEM solution would be much better.

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Hi Dave,


Thanks for submitting your idea. We'll take this into consideration as we develop our product roadmap. 




Rick Clark

Product Manager - PXI System Completion

Rick C.