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DC-RF MEMS-based multiplexer



It would be great if NI could release a multiplexer (at least 1:8 ideally) based on MEMS switches, which allow for signals from real DC to ~ 10GHz (I'm thinking Analog Devices ADGM1304) and have ~ 1e9 endurance, about 100 times better than standard relays.


This would fill the gap in the product offering.


Best regards,


1 Comment

Hi Michael,


Thank you for the feedback - we will take this into account as we look at possible investments. From a MEMS switch module, would the frequency range or expected lifespan be more valuable to you? There could be a tradeoff here between frequency range and cost, when comparing MEMS relays vs. solid-state relays which both optimize for relay life over EMR or reed.


Quentin Smith

Switches Product Manager