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Virginia Panel Corporation - Mass InterConnect

What is Mass InterConnect
Mass InterConnect systems act as the connector interface between test instruments and devices/units under test (D/UUT). Used in wide variety of applications, Mass InterConnect systems are available in multiple sizes and configurations to accommodate virtually and testing requirement. VPC Mass InterConnect systems are flexible, reconfigurable, and modular by design.
Who Uses Mass InterConnect
A mass interconnect system is used in applications where connecting your automated test system to the D/UUT consists of hundreds of test points, multiple instruments, reconfigurable system requirements, and/or frequent connects/disconnect. The system entails some mechanical enclosure through which all signals are routed from instruments (typically in a rack) to the DUT, making it easy to quickly change out D/UUTs.  A mass interconnect systems also protects the cable connections on the front of the instruments from repeated connect/disconnect cycles. Instrument cable connections that have experienced excesive connect/disconnect cycles are subject to wear and damage, which can degrade measurement accuracy.

Advantages of mass interconnect systems over test systems that use custom interfaces include modularity, maintainability, upgradeability and scalability. The modularity of a mass interconnect allows for a range of contact types to be used together, whether it is power, digital, RF or pneumatic, to name a few. The modules are selected to match the I/O of the instruments in the tester. Hybrid modules allow mixed signal types to be used in one module, such as power and sense lines. This modular approach makes maintaining and upgrading systems extremely easy. If a contact or the module that holds it becomes damaged, the user can easily replace the module, which keeps downtime to a minimum. Upgrading is as easy as adding additional modules to unused module slots.
What VPC Does
Virginia Panel Corporation designs, manufactures and markets Interface Connector products for commercial, military, telecommunications, aerospace, medical, automotive, and consumer electronic applications. Virginia Panel Corporation is equipped with the latest technology for manufacturing interface systems. Successfull affiliations with major government defense contractors attest to VPC’s ability to perform well under strictly regulated guidelines. Our personnel are highly trained and motivated with one goal in mind - to provide the customer with the most advanced, high quality connector interface available in the market.
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