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MAC Panel - Low Insertion Force Connectors for PXI

MAC Panel
LIF (Low Insertion Force) Connectors


LIF (Low Insertion Force) pin and socket connectors are a more rugged alternative to standard ZIF connectors.

LIF is the perfect connection for rack and panel applications that demand reliable high performance connections with a broad range of configuration and connectivity options.

Connecting and disconnecting the LIF connector is easily achieved using a centrally mounted "half turn" engagement mechanism. Simply rotate the mechanism handle 180 degrees to either engage or disengage the LIF mating halves.

Polarizing kits are available to provide each connector used a unique identity.

The pin and socket contacts used in the LIF connector provide excellent and consistent electrical characteristics. The robust design of the contacts yield an operational specification of more than 20,000 mating cycles.

The familiar high density signal I/O of LIF is now complemented with the addition of two hybrid versions that facilitate a combination of signal, power and coax I/O in a single connector. LIF Connectors are a rugged Low Insertion Force pin and socket alternative to standard ZIF style connectors. The new LIF variants allow for a combination of signal (3 amps), micro power (23 amps) and micro coax (2 GHz) in two configuration options

The LIF for PCB enhancement includes our new contact set developed to make PC Board attachment more efficient and allows LIF to be used in a broader spectrum of applications. By using LIF for PCB, cables are minimized, saving time, cost and space. LIF is particularly suited for high cycle applications. Extended contact life assures reliability for aerospace, defense and commercial applications. A variety of standard back shells are available from MAC Panel. We can also design and manufacture custom back shells, or mounting hardware to suit specific application requirements.

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