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Conduant NTX16 PCI Express Recorder

Product Description Product Information

• Performance independent of host load
• Standalone capable operation with network command/control
• Sustained recording and playback at over 800 MB/s
• Front or Rear cabling option (PCI Express and external IO interface)
• 4U chassis at only 20” deep
• Scalable data storage capacities over 32TB
• Solid-state or magnetic disk drive media
• Cabled PCI Express (x8) for full speed data access
• External IO interfaces available including Serial FPDP (fiber optic) and LVDS

The Big River™ NTX16 recording system provides
over 800 MB/s recording and playback
performance in a shallow depth 4U rack
mount chassis. At only a little over 20” in
depth, the NTX16 provides exceptional performance
and capacity for recording and playback
The system can operate independently from a
host computer with command/control performed
over a network connection. Control
can be automated from a software application
using the StreamStor® software API from a
network connected computer. A cabled PCI
Express interface provides high speed connectivity
to a host computer for command/
control or data access. Cabled PCI Express
can be used to connect to nearly any computing
architecture such as PCI Express, XMC,
VME, VPX, VXS, AMC or other mezzanine /
backplane environments. Solutions are even
available for connection to notebook computers.
Based on the StreamStor® Amazon Express
architecture, the NTX16 supports many of the
same external interface mezzanine cards as
the Amazon Express platform. This includes
Serial FPDP (fiber optic), 10GigE, and LVDS.


Company: Conduant Corporation

Product Name: NTX16 PCI Express Recorder

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Official Product Site: http://www.conduant.com/products/ntx16.html

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