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Customer Service Survey Warning

Hi All,


I was having a problem for several weeks over a LV installation on an HP computer. After weeks of trial and error in NI's part I just did the install on a Dell computer with success. I wasn't happy as NI kept pawning the problem to Microsoft and suggested that I contact Microsofts' discussion forums. As I solved the problem myself I told the engineer that I was looking forward to their survey. The engineer then put the post threatening to put me on a "lower priority" and "we don't have to support him if his behaviour continues". 


This is a warning to ALL users: beware of customer service reps who will not support you if you give them poor ratings. They will put you on a "low priority" and "not support you if your behaviour continues".


Attached is the screenshot of their exact comments.


Admin Note 07/30/18 - the screenshot was edited only to remove the names of those involved

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Re: Customer Service Survey Warning

It’s unfortunate to see this type of post, but we do know that our Support leadership team is speaking directly with the customer to address his concerns.


-National Instruments

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Re: Customer Service Survey Warning

No one from customer service contacted me. I was contacted by NI only after I would not renew my service support account. Money talks. All this over an installation problem on an HP Computer.

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