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Next User Group Meeting Nov 11th



Hope you had chance to watch some of the presentations from the GLA summit. I'm so overloaded with all the information. If you couldn't attend the event. I'll put the links once they are available in the LabVIEW WiKi.


Don't forget we have our User Group Meeting tomorrow at 11 am.


Topic this time will be Application Development for Raspberry Pi using LabVIEW. Presented by Bill Osipoff, David Wild and myself.


Here is the registration link


Hope to see you there!



Luis CT
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Here are the slides that we presented in our last group meeting.



Luis CT
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So we had some confusion this last meeting and it was my fault.  I tried to set up Teams for this meeting so we could move away from Zoom and I ended up sending out or posting three different links to the meeting.  I blame this on the free Teams version and the lack of a calendar connection within the free Teams version. 


From now on the official link to our virtual meeting will be posted on this web page under announcements.  Let's hope we can meet in person sometime before the end of 2021.


I have attached a link to the code I discussed and demonstrated to this message.  Although the names of the folders say raspberry Pi 2, I have run this on Raspberry Pi 2s, 3s and 4s.  Just be sure to have Raspbian Buster on the Pi and it will be OK.  If you find out otherwise, please message me here.  Note that you will need to have LabVIEW 2020 community or Professional with the Linx package manager add-on for this to work.

Regards, Bill

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