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Next User Group Meeting Aug 5th

Hi Guys,


Hope you’re all doing well. Our next User Group Meeting will be Wednesday Aug 5th at 11 am. I know we had a meeting at the beginning of the year dedicated to discussing potential topics, but my good friend Gerardo Carrillo agreed to present us an interesting topic that probably most of you might find interesting as well.


The topic this time will be CANopen using LabVIEW. Social distancing is still going on so this will be an on-line zoom meeting.


Gerardo has several years working with LabVIEW, he is a Certified LabVIEW Developer who has been working in custom software development for test and measurement, automotive communications and machine vision.


EDIT: Here is the link for registration and Zoom meeting


Luis CT
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The Eventbrite tickets appear to be sold-out.  Do you want us to register for this meeting somewhere or should we just use the Zoom meeting provided in the user group area? 

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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Hi Bill,


Can we use the old zoom link you sent? Or are you planning on sending a new one?



Luis CT
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Try the link for this meeting again.  For some reason only 1 ticket was created.  I added more.

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Try the links for registration and zoom meeting now.

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Eventbrite works now.  Zoom meeting previously worked.

David Wilt
The New Standard LLC
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I am looking forward to "seeing" you and Gerardo at our next meeting. 


Thanks for volunteering to present!  😀



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I want to thank Gerardo Carrillo for presenting today and those of you brave enough to turn on your cameras today for our Zoom session.  As I said in our meeting I will look into what it takes to hold our next meeting using Microsoft Teams instead of Zoom to make it easier for those of you whose companies may not allow Zoom to be used on their equipment.  I will post a new thread here when I have looked into this for your feedback.



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