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New Install of LabVIEW - Examples will not launch

I had this problem today and thought I would share the solution I found since it took me more than 5 minutes to find it. I was trying to load an example from within the NI Example Finder and kept getting the error "An error occurred – The NI HelpServer could not be found". As it turns out there is a simple solution involving launching a VI to fix this. In order to ensure credit where it is due, though, I am going to place the link I found in the LabVIEW community first and then the link with the solution. Please click the first link and give credit to the poster if it fixed your problem, too! First link - > (see post #2) Second link -> Bill
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When ever I've seen this I've always just restarted the NI helper service from Windows.  I suspect that VI basically does the same thing.  Good to know NI has a document on it.

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