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IVN-8561 with XNET



Im starting in the auto Ethernet world, got budget to buy an IVN-8561. Does anyone of you has experience with auto Ethernet in XNET? 

By checking the XNET 20.0 help, I see that XNET now supports auto Ethernet but it only supports few PXIe cards (e.g. PXIe-8521). I looked in the forums but couldn't find anything.


Here are my questions:


  1. How does the IVN-8561 interacts with an XNET session? Or is it just a media converter that requires pure VISA connection?
  2. I see the IVN-8561 has a USB type C port. Is that only for power input or it also serves for XNET configuration and device identification?
  3. Does NI has any plans to extend XNET auto Ethernet support for older versions of LabVIEW, example 2015?

Probably, the last question is for NI.




Luis CT
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So I called tech support with these questions. The IVN-8561 is just a media converter and does not use XNET, just regular TCP/IP G code. Ethernet support on XNET starts from 18.5 and will not support older versions of LabVIEW.


Here's the KB for the IVN-8561:





Luis CT
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