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Creating A Virtual Machine with VirtualBox for Use for LabVIEW Development

I am giving a Presentation on August 7th about the subject.  I have done a lot of work with Virtual Machines, LabVIEW, and VirtualBox software so if you crash your computer a lot when developing with LabVIEW you might want to attend.


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Hi Bill,


Thanks for presenting this time!

Luis CT
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I'm happy to do it, and I think our members and others who happen upon it will benefit.  Now if I can keep it to under two hours....

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Once again I want to thank National Instruments for helping us have a successful meeting and those of you that signed up at the last minute to give us a near capacity crowd.

Here's the presentation I gave.  If anyone needs more details, please feel free to ask, I will answer in the order I receive the questions.



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In the discussion I mentioned a few things worth linking to.  As I mentioned Microsoft has virtual machines already ready to be downloaded with Windows loaded on them.


Pick your version of Windows, and your VM then download it.  For VirtualBox I think I went to File >> Import and selected the file that was downloaded.


I also mentioned running NI's Linux RT OS in a VM so that you can deploy code, and test a Linux RT OS along with UI interactions.  It is a great way to test out the OS and see what types of things are possible.  It isn't supported by NI but the basic instructions are here:


To do this you'll need the RT ISO which is installed when you install LabVIEW Real-Time.  If the UI isn't working and you want to enable it you can enable it by using the instructions here:


If you like this feature be sure and kudo the idea.

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