Network Analysis


High Frequency Network Analysis Library

The High-Frequency Network Analysis Library contains different functions:

- to read network parameters data files in several formats (CITI, MDIF, Touchstone,...),

- to design grid and sweep patterns and to calculate derived quantities for load-pull applications,

- to cascade networks and transform network parameters (S,T,ABCD),

- to convert quantities in different units,

- to display S-parameters data in different formats.



LabVIEW Versions: 2012 or higher

Compatible OS Versions: Windows


End User License Agreement

National Instruments Software License Terms (Sample Code)



 - Download the High-Frequency Network Analysis Library VI package

- Open the VI package using VI Package Manager. For more details, please read A Note on VI Package Manager


- Select the LabVIEW version for which you want to install the High-Frequency Network Analysis Library

- Click on Install and follow the installation steps

- After installation, the High-Frequency Network Analysis Controls and Functions are available in the LabVIEW Controls and Functions palettes under Addons>HF Network Analysis




After installation, different examples are available in the LabVIEW installation directory under examples\HF Network Analysis\Examples.


Version Log

- Fix bug when writing SnP to file (row vs column major ordering)

- Fix bug when loading a 1 frequency point SnP file

- Adding support for SnP Output Data Type property

- Fix dependency bug

- Fix culture language to en-US

- Use major-row 2D Array format instead of Touchstone format

- Add CITI File Viewer, MDIF File Viewer and SnP File Viewer as examples

- Add  CHM help file and update VI context help accordingly

- Add S-parameters Graph Control and associated functions

- Initial release

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