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European Microwave Week EuMW 2014 - Fiera di Roma, Rome, Italy - 5-10 October 2014


An Ultra-Broadband Planar Millimeter-Wave Mixer with IF Bandwidth covering 0.5 to 34 GHz

A. Feldman, U. Unnikrishna, I. Ashiq, A. Khanna, National Instruments, Santa Clara, United States


Thursday 9th October, 15:20 - 15:40h

Location: Iustina


RF/Microwave PA Forum: Device Technologies, Characterization, Modeling And End-Use Applications

Tuesday, 7th October, 09:30 - 16:00

Location: Room Ottavia

Hosted By: AWR/National Instruments

Who Should Attend: Power Amplifier Engineers and managers

- Free to attend -

This FREE to attend forum aims to foster discuss and provide insight into the latest approaches to device models, measurements for parameter extraction, process technologies and lastly, modern power amplifier design flow and theory.

The day is broken into four sequential sessions that focus on these specific topics allowing attendees to select among any/all presentations that are of interest to them.

Detailed Agenda and Registration

RF and Microwave System Design and Test

Wednesday 8th October, 09:00h - 12:00h

Location: Room Minerva

Hosted By: National Instruments

Who should attend: engineers and researchers

- Free to attend -

Learn how to use National Instruments tools for simulation, design, and test of radar and electronic warfare/communications systems. This seminar will explain methods for prototyping advanced radar systems. Also included will be best practices for both the design of electronic warfare and communications systems.

Within this session, learn how to introduce real world measurements alongside simulation in the design process and explore a system-level approach to complex system testing.

Finally, you will have a chance to see new National Instruments product capabilities such as the AWR Visual System Simulator (VSS) co-simulation in LabVIEW, user-programmable FPGA instrument technology, and PXI multi-computing (PXImc).

Detailed Agenda and Registration

AWR Design Forum (ADF) / User Group Meeting

Wednesday 8th October, 13:00h - 16:30h

Location: Room Minerva

Hosted By: AWR/National Instruments

Who should attend: AWR Users

- Free to attend -

Come and spend time with us to learn about our tools (software & hardware) that span design thru to test for RF/Microwave circuits, systems and sub-systems.

The event will focus on RF/microwave design and showcase the NI AWR Design Environment™ product portfolio of EDA design tools, namely Microwave Office®, Visual System Simulator™, AXIEM® and Analyst™ as well as co-simulation with NI LabVIEW.

Customer and partners will also be presenting how they use these software solutions to bring their design ideas from concept to production.

Detailed Agenda and Registration


Location: MicroApps Auditorium (stand 105B)

- Free to attend -

Learn more about NI AWR tools and technologies by attending one of our many MicroApps presentations:

  • 3D Microwave Component Design with Analyst
  • Addressing the Digital Predistortion (DPD) and Envelope Tracking (ET) Test Requirements of Modern Handset Power Amplifiers
  • User-configurable and Parameterized 3D EM Model Libraries
  • Using Wideband Signal Analyzers for Radar Pulse Measurements
  • NI AWR Integrated Framework for WLAN 802.11ac
  • Seamlessly and Efficiently Connect High-frequency Design Software with PCB Tools
  • Performing Multi-port S-parameter Measurements in High-volume Production Environments Using a Programmable Vector Signal Transceiver
  • Special Session - EDA Panel: Design of MMIC/RFIC for Space and E-band Communication Applications is a Complex Task. How Can RF/Microwave EDA Vendors Make it Easier?

Detailed Agenda


NI/AWR Booth #E103

Visit us to see demonstrations of latest NI products in action as well as the newly released V11 NI AWR Design Environment™.  This release includes Microwave Office®, Analog Office®, Visual System Simulator™ (VSS), AXIEM®, and Analyst™ software for the design of MMICs, RF PCBs, microwave modules, RFICs, communication systems, radar systems, antennas and more

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