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how can find any one equal transistor and any one electronic parts

So I iam newly of electronic field and subject. I want knowledge that area of electronic circuit.

So how can find  any one equal transistor and  any one electronic parts.

Ex:- C828 TO EQUAL 2N3904 ,2N2222

How can I follow that ? sir

So these days deeply I followed multisim v 11 software for circuit design .but most transistor and ic, resister no in multisim.example: is  that c828 transistor. How can I find that equal parts by multisim software or other methods?

Thank you

I am sameera


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Hi Sameera,

You can use a website such as:, search for the part number and the result should information about the part and also a list of reference parts from various manufacturers.  You can also, look at the datasheet and then go to a website such as; they have a filter that lets you find parts based on specifications found from the datasheet.

Best regards,

Tien Pham

Tien P.

National Instruments
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thanks sir. thank u very much for help me.

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Dear sir i have multisim 13 version. But no “multisim 3d simulation environment ni elvis ii” in file menu. How to find that ?ni.png

thnks sir


srilnka country

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