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Simulating analog switches in Multisim

Simulating analog switches in Multisim


I'm both new to the group and to Multisim, please forgive me if this is not the right location or format to ask this kind of question.

This problem should be very simple, but I don't know what is going on.

Trying to use the 74HC4066 analog switch, but when it should be off it only provides a bit of attenuation.

I have tweaked the signal and control voltages with little success. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Circuit and output included in image.

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Re: Simulating analog switches in Multisim


And welcome to the Multisim Community. I would recommend for future questions and discussions to use the forums as there are many users in there who are both knowledgeable and have lots of experience with using Multisim.

After checking the data sheet for this model, the range of operation for analog I/O is from 0 to VCC. So whatever range for voltage you are using shoul be the case for your signal (so try adding an offset). A pull-down resistor at the output of your connection for one switch should also give you a voltage divider to get rid of your attenuation, as well as keeping it low enough for the voltage to pass throuhg when the enable pin is active. If all you are looking for is a simple switch for your circuit we have many other components that will do the same thing (You can find them under the group/family Basic » Switches or use the advanced search and look for "switch" in the name or function field).

Best of luck,

Miguel Vesco

Applications Engineer

NI Toronto

Miguel V
National Instruments
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Re: Simulating analog switches in Multisim

Thanks Miguel, this was very helpful!

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