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New International Rectifier Components in Multisim 14.0

NI Employee

Hello Circuit Designers,

NI Multisim version 14.0.0 includes an additional 500 new components with footprints and simulation models from International Rectifier.

Multisim FamilyDescriptionNumber of Components
POWER_MOS_COMPComplimentary N=P Channel Power MOSFET2
POWER_MOS_NN-Channel Power MOSFET353
SCHOTTKY_DIODESchottky Diode45

Power MOSFETs Models

Some of the more noteworthy additions include Power MOSFETs such as single- and dual- N-channel and P-channel devices that offer fast switching speeds to meet a variety of power requirements. These devices can be used in applications such as:

  • AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies 
  • audio and consumer electronics 
  • motor control 
  • lighting and home appliances

IGBT Models

For Switched Mode Power Supplies designs, Multisim 14.0.0 includes over 100 new and updated IGBT components with footprints and simulation models.

Now in Multisim, you can accurately evaluate power electronics circuits built around International Rectifier IGBTs ranging from 300V to 1200V based on various technologies. You can optimize the design with powerful SPICE simulation to minimize switching and conduction losses and increase efficiency, reduce thermal problems and improve power density.

For a complete listing of new International Rectifier components vist this location.

Campbell B

National Instruments