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Multisim and MPLAB Co-simulation for Microcontrollers

NI Employee

Hello Circuit Educators,

Multisim 14 comes with a new plug-in to use with Microchip’s MPLAB for simulation of PIC Microcontrollers (MCUs). Students can learn advanced concepts such as Pulse Width Modulation and driving LCD displays in an MCU environment. Educators can combine the teaching of analog electronics, digital circuits, a database of 4,000 MCU from leading manufacturers and embedded systems topics in a single software environment.


The Multisim co-simulation with MPLAB plug-in comes with a set of sample circuits that are essential in many embedded systems, mechatronics, and analog/digital-mixed applications such as an analog-to-digital converter, controlling a graphical display and a boost converter.

NOTE: This feature is not installed with the release version of Multisim, it requires a separate plug-in installer available on NI Labs. The feature is an early release Beta to allow users to interact with the functionality and provide feedback. Make sure you follow-up the Getting Started Guide on NI Labs to properly install the Microchip MCU Co-simulation with Multisim. For more details on Multisim and MPLAB Co-simulation for Microcontrollers Development visit this location download plug-in, setup Instructions, and MCU Library.

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