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Hi my name is Geoff and I am a student doing an indepent study over the summer taking labview and I have a few problems that I am needing some help with. I am in chapter 3 of the 2009 edition and I am trying to turn 8 Leds into a binary(base 2)

representation for a number in a slider. I have the slider as an u8 wired to a fixed point then to( number to boolean) but I am lost as to how to go from the boolean to the leds I have attached a picture of my block diagram.

any help is appreciated.



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Hi Geoff,

You might have a little better luck posting this question in the LabVIEW board. 

Slide to 8 bit bool.png

I took a quick shot at what I think you might be trying to do. 

If  your slide values are only 1 to 8, and you don't want your LEDs in an array you can use your slider as an input to a case select structure.  Then just put each LED in a case corresponding to the slider input.  It's a little more programming work.  But it will be easy to see how it works. 

Patrick Allen:
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Thanks Pallen!

I will post them on the Labview board



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