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Display Systems Engineer - LON25360


The FLCOS Microdisplay Division at Micron is seeking to fill a position for a display systems engineer. As a Systems Engineer at Micron, you will be part of a highly collaborative team responsible for developing, prototyping, measuring and validating future technologies for microdisplay products.

Your responsibilities will be equally split between software development and electronic design. The software component requires strong LabVIEW programming skills to automate test equipment for the characterization of display panel and engine products. The electronic design component covers all phases of hardware development of microcontroller based systems from definition to deployment. Familiarity with Microchip PIC architecture and Xilinx FPGA development is a plus.


Successful candidates for this position will have:

  • 5+     years experience coding with LabVIEW.
  • 3+     years experience with NI-DAQ hardware.
  • Solid     experience with object oriented programming (LabVIEW , C#, C++, Java,     VB.Net).
  • 3+     years of experience with schematic capture and electronic design.     Preference given to Orcad schematic capture and Cadence design tools.
  • Experience     with SQL/MySQL.
  • Exceptional     debug skills and expertise with lab equipment including oscilloscopes,     logic analyzers, and protocol specific instruments.
  • Ability     to work with outside contractors and vendors.
  • Ability     to work on multiple development tasks simultaneously.
  • Self     motivated with the initiative to work independently.
  • Excellent     problem solving skills.
  • Excellent     communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Experience     with FPGA development, preferably with Verilog and Xilinx tool suites.
  • Experience     with microcontroller system design and programming. (Preferred)
  • C     and/or C++ and assembly language programming skills. (Preferred)
  • Experience     with SVN version control. (Preferred)
  • Understanding     of liquid crystal display and video principles. (Preferred)

Education: Bachelor's degree in ElectricalEngineering or Computer Engineering.

Location: Longmont, Colorado

Please apply online at  Job Number: LON25360.


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LabVIEW Jobs

LabVIEW Job in CO Springs @ Jabil Circuits - see

Posted 5/9/2011

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Re: LabVIEW Jobs

Heard Micron in Longmont is looking for EE with LabVIEW experience

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LabVIEW Jobs

This came to me from a colleague here in Laramie - job at University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

From: Sara Mattson <>
Date: Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 1:58 PM
Subject: Application Engineer position


Iwanted to let you know that we posted a position for an ApplicationEngineer.  With the connections you have, I figured you might be able torelay this information to qualified applicants.


Minimum qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Physics, Optics, Engineering or related field plus 3 years’ experience working with complex software controlled instrumentation required. Must have minimum 3 years’ experience working in a laboratory environment and with programming with LabVIEW software.



Sara Mattson

Administrative Coordinator

Diocles Extreme Light Laboratory

Department of Physics & Astronomy

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

262 Behlen Laboratory

Lincoln,NE 68588-1111


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LabVIEW Jobs

RE the University of Nebraska posting: 

$44,610 annually salary is listed on their web site.

~~Les Hammer

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Re: LabVIEW Jobs

Electrical / Software Engineer (LabVIEW)

Position Summary:

This experienced, inquisitive, and self-motivated engineer will be charged with the creation, maintenance, and evolution of data acquisition and control software for the company’s precision solar cell instrumentation products. This role requires intimate familiarity with LabVIEW™ graphical programming language with emphasis in data acquisition and orientation toward user experience.

Required Qualifications:

  • Engineering degree in EE or CS or equivalent relevant work experience
  • At least one year full-time experience with LabVIEW™
  • Experience and knowledge of data acquisition best practices
  • Understanding of electrical signals and circuitry for signal conditioning
  • Understanding of terms and principles of mechanics, physics, optics, and metrology
  • Appreciation for, and design orientation toward, optimal user experience
  • Ability to communicate clearly with engineers and customers
  • Experience with and knowledge of software revision control best practices
  • Excellent organizational skills

Desired Qualifications:

  • Prior experience in hardware-based technology and/or manufacturing business
  • Experience integrating LabVIEW™-created software with external databases and the internet
  • Experience interfacing LabVIEW™-created software with factory automation equipment
  • Knowledge of GUI programming languages other than LabVIEW™
  • Information systems management experience

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Rapidly develop familiarity with existing LabVIEW™-based  software modules
  • Add customized features to standard product software in conjunction with customer requests
  • Write novel code in conjunction with new and existing hardware product offerings
  • Work with manufacturing personnel to ensure proper production process for software bound for customers
  • Work with documentation personnel to ensure accurate depiction of software capabilities and usage in internal and external documentation
  • Work with management to identify and prioritize software engineering projects

Position Available:



Depends on qualifications.  Please indicate salary requirements with statement of interest

Interested candidates should email a statement of interest and résumé to and include “Software Engineer” in the subject line.

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Re: LabVIEW Jobs

Hi , I am gokul krishnan  . I am a CLAD cleared student and done many projects using labview and its hardware. Is there any job or internship I will happy to join there.  I attached my resume.

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