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(So I have a packet that seems to work, more or less... )

If I install it on a computer that has a myRIO and all appropriate software (RT, FPGA, RIO, etc), we get the project creation dialog where we need to select the myRIO (or select a generic target if it is currently not connected) until we can proceed (else [Finish] Is greyed out).

For fun I installed it on a machine that does not have any myRIO or FPGA stuff installed.

  • The packet still installs fine.
  • In the "new project" dialog, it is the only "sample project" listed under myRIO.
  • At the project creation dialog, the area where we typically select the hardware is completely blank. Curiously, I can proceeed to the next screen.
  • If I press [Finish], it does a lot of searching, but then actually creates a project.
  • The created project folder only contains the lvproj file and the documentation folder, everything else is missing (none of the VIs are there, not bitfile, no bitfile folder, etc.
  • This seems rather useless. Shouldn't [Finish] be disabled if no hardware is possible?


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