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The table below will be used to track the awesome apps that are in development and to ensure that we are working on a variety of apps.

Please enter your name and the app you will be working on below.


Shane ColesSmart Sprinkler Controller

Shane Coles

3D printer controller app.  Not enough time to implement this.
Dave ThomsonAudio analyzer
Nicholas JohnsonGuitar Tuner / Distortion Pedal
Virendra KakadeStudent level Oscilloscope/Multimeter. May be some other app as well.
Christopher Stryker

RGB hypnocube. Depending on time, make it respond to audio stimuli. I'm going to take the automotive performance black box suggestion. Much more practical.

Will SchoettlerProgrammable wireless power switch.
Will Schoettler

Sound sampler (if time, and if we're happy with so many audio apps) Not enough time to implement this.

Jeff LilesBasic Logic Analyzer application
Ed Dickens

Network assessable temperature controller for backyard smoker.

Ziggy Sobkow (Mikrobi)Recumbent electric bike monitoring with energy bank unluckily not enough time
Ziggy Sobkow (Mikrobi)Smart battery monitor for standalone myRIO solutions
Steve Brooks

Lite Data Logger

Christian AltenbachSimple Voice remover
Fabiola De la CuevaLock-in Amp
Artavazd KhachatryanPosition and velocity tracer using onboard accelerometer on myRIO
Ziggy Sobkow (Mikrobi)Real- time solar module simulator up to 100W
Ziggy Sobkow (Mikrobi)High efficient solar module with Maksimum Power Point Tracking controler up to 100W unluckily not enough time.
Fabiola De la CuevaSolar Module Characterization and Diagnostics (I-V Tracer) -- most likely not by NI Week since we have to design some external HW.
Ben Black

Kegerator / beer fermentation fridge temperature controller

Chris LarsonMobile Phone App and Webpage to control/monitor any myRIO project
Milan RajLeap Motion Controller interfaced to myRIO for magnetic levitation Won't be usable until mid to late June
Russell BlakeRemote monitoring and control of a device connected to myRIO like a pump from a mobile device. Might try to control and monitor flow from a pump connected to my rain barrel as an example. Concerned about liability because of AC power and water could cause serious injury to someone if not wired properly
Richard ThomasRobotic Table Tennis opponent - with permission for hardware purchases from those holding the purse strings.
Tim RobinsonQuiz game buzzer system
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Re: App Sign Up

I'm pretty sure Fred V made a LV G-Code interpreter that he used to draw on an etch-a-sketch from LV.  It's probably worth syncing up with him if you move ahead with a myRIO 3d printer.

-Sam K

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Re: App Sign Up


Thanks for the suggestion.  I'll definitely reach out to Fred V and see what he has built!


Certified LabVIEW Architect
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Re: App Sign Up


I was going to incorporate velocity/position calcuations in to my project. I'd love to just interface with your code if that's agreeable with you. I'll PM you shortly.



fka OlliesCamel

"I have Google for memory and Wikipedia for knowledge, mostly I use my brain for thinking up stupid things for my body to do."

Christopher Stryker | Staff Software Engineer | Certified LabVIEW Architect

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