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App Ideas

Hello Developers!

We are hoping to maximize the value that customers see in NI myRIO through the development of ready to run apps. These apps can be wildly creative or they can be more practical things that will simply save customers time because they are already done (think DSP on myRIO, lock-in amplifier, audio equalizer), etc.

To keep track of apps in development, please sign up for the app you would like to create here. This will help us make sure that we aren't all making the same thing.

Here are some ideas!

There is a lot of code on our NI myRIO Community. A lot of this code could be cleaned up and turned into an app.


  • Automotive Blackbox - Accelerometer, audio, GPS add-on
  • Performance Driving Recorder - acceleration, GPS, CAN data


Digital Waveform Viewer/Logic Analyzer

Octave Analyzer

Lock-in Amplifier

DC Voltage level out

Digital filter for Audio + FFT

Apps for minisystems

  • iWorx
  • VTOL
  • Dyno
  • myGLCD
  • myTemp

Import VHDL/VHDL Editor

RISC Processor (enter commands on the front panel)

Home Automation

  • Internet-enabled thermostat - think Nest
  • Weather station - web enabled monitoring station
  • Sprinkler controller - web-enabled controller that runs predefined sequences at regular intervals
  • Christmas light controller, synchronized to music
  • Monitor of the Internet connection at home - automatically reboot cable modem and router if Internet connection is lost


  • Inline Audio Processor - add effect like echo, distortion, etc. to an audio signal
  • Audio player - myRIOAmp
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Re: App Ideas

Living in Southern California, a seismometer would be easily possible using the built-in 3-axis accelerometer. I would need to permanently bolt it to my foundation and put it on battery backup, ... but I'd rather use it for other stuff. Still it would be cool to play back the shaking in 3D.

Could even calculate the moment tensor, and other things.

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