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Video Signal Generator RT

Video Signal Generator RT

I want to generate an NTSC signal. I have a PXI RT, and I'd like to be able to generate the signal in Labwindows RT or Labview RT.


Can this be done with NI VMS or NI VideoMASTER?


I tried downloading:




But both of those software packages seem a little dated. I'm not sure they do what I want.


This thing here seems to maybe be what I want:


But I don't see any reference for any APIs and whether or not it can be controlled by an RT.

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Re: Video Signal Generator RT

Hi Kevin,


Your links 2) and 3) refers to the same product - the VideoMASTER Analog Video Generator. This product is compiled into a dll for running on Windows and uses third party dlls for licensing and video pattern generation and as such does not support LabVIEW Real Time. It does support a LabVIEW API for non Real-Time applications in LabVIEW.

If your request represents a major opportunity for National Instruments there is a possibility to involve Systems Engineering or an Integrator to develop parts of the code into a customized solution to build into a Real -Time application.


Best Regards,


Christian Koefoed, PSE Multimedia products.

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Re: Video Signal Generator RT

That's an excellent point porton.

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