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Smear test

Smear test

the Smear test is grayed out and i can't select it.  what conditions need to be true for this test to be available?

also within the VideoMaster Help the Smear test does not even exist.
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Re: Smear test

We are sorry, but the camera smear test is not implemented. It it under consideration to implement it in the future.


Here is a description of what it should do: A black chart with a centered, small aperture (white square or rectangle) is required.  Three spot measurements are taken, one above the aperture, one in the centre (for white reference), and one below.   The camera’s iris is first adjusted to get peak white in centre of the aperture.  It is then adjusted again until a predetermined smear threshold is met. The F-stop settings at these points are noted and used to derive the result, which is: Smear (in dB) = 20 log (ref. level/thresh. level) + 20 log (ref. iris/thresh. iris) 

The 3 spot measurements could be done using the Level Meter.  We hope this information helps.


microLEX Systems Aps  
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