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lagging while while running a log session in VeriStand GUI


I'm using NI VeriStand on our testbench and we are facing a problem, 

after starting a log session the VeriStand UI begin lagging and the indicators and controls are not refreshing immediatly what make the performing of the test almost impossible.

we tried to change the stream rate and the number of logged channel but still no improvement.

Is there a particular reason for this lag and how could it be solved.

thank you and best regards.

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Which version of VeriStand are you using?  I ran into this problem with 2017 SP1 and had to switch PC's to ≥ Intel Core i5 Processor as I had graphs on my UI consuming too many CPU resources.


You will have to check updates, but I believe this may have been resolved in VeriStand 2019? 

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Thank you for your answer,

I'm using VeriStand 2018 and intel core i5 industrial PC. 


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