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XNET Bus Monitor Tool from VeriStand Workspace connection problems

VeriStand 2017SP1 / Windows 10 PC / cRIO-9081 with NI-9862 in my project


My CAN port is configured correctly and I am seeing correct CAN data in the VeriStand UI Manager when the project is deployed.  


I have some troubleshooting and would like to try to use the XNET Bus Monitor rather than bringing in a VECTOR CANcase.  


With my VeriStand project deployed to the RT Target, I access XNET Bus Monitor Tool from the VeriStand Workspace.  It auto-detects my IP address and CAN Port properly.  


When I select Scan for Interfaces


The Error 54 does not make sense to me because the host PC is connected properly to the RT Target [cRIO-9081] and the IP address is correct.  I've I've also tried to use the XNET Bus Monitor Tool from VeriStand Workspace without the project deployed.  


Error when testing connection result in XNET Bus Monitor Tool:



I believe my network settings are configured correctly.


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