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XNET Alias change location


Hi Veristand Expert,


We have here 4 test systems where the veristand project, system definition, and co., are stored locally on host pc, but they are synchronized by SVN. So, anyone can test their UUT with any  of  those test systems.


One BIG pain that i have always found is those 4 test system has different alias. Here is the example:

1. Person A works on Test System 1, and created XNET alias named 'XYZ' 

2. Person B works on Test System 2, and created XNET alias named 'BAC'

One day, Test System 1 is defect, and Person A wanted to work on Test System 2. He did SVN Update to his project and execute veristand project. But it didn't work since 'XYZ' alias doesn't found on Test System 2.


Now, just imagine if some testers have created aliases on Test System 1/2/3/4 , and they now wanted to work on any test system randomly and hoped their project shall work as before. But it didnt, since alias name doesn't exist. 


Worst case, tester created the same alias name but different source on different test system. It will generate chaos.


My question, "Is there any way to change where to store 'xnetAlias.xml' so i can locate it somewhere in server? The idea is, every time veristand/XNET Data Base editor opened, it should refer to xnetAlias.xml which is stored centrally in a server. 

Or, is there any easier way to manage it?


Thanks for your help!



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Veristand 2016

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Hi Rajamodol,

 Is it feasible for you to have a kind of 'startup script' for your environment? If yes, it could store your alias configuration in a, say, INI-file and update it each time the environment is started. I believe can be a good start on finding APIs that can be used.

 I have something similar on my radar, but we still haven't found time to code it...

Piotr F.
Hardware Engineer @ ZF
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