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Veristand single point references

Does anyone know of a configuration routine that will scan the Veristand tree and return name and reference for each single point available in the project?  This would include any single-point channels, user defined variables, any veristand calculator values, any model valves, other custom device values ect...


I'm building a Veristand custom device that does simple waveform calculations.  One of the options is to multiply a waveform by a single-point value.  I am looking to populate a ring so the operator can select the signal name.  I can see a couple of ways of doing it by reading the system definition file or by reading all the tree values and searching.  I did not want to reinvent something that has already been done.

thank you

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I you mean finding a way to choose a channel in an existing Defisition System, why don't you use the .NET control TreeAliasBrower ? It requieres some code to interface to .NET, but I already used it. There is an example here using two .NET controls (I didn't find any download link ??)

  • Simple Node Browser
  • Tree Browser


I guess in your case, you will have to get the channel reference to use it, at execution time, in an assynchronous Custom Device, right ?



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one remark here - the correct way to accomplish your goal would be to create a channel within the scope of your custom device and let user to use channel mappings to provide the value sourced by whatever channel in the system. At execution time, (by default) the internal channel protection mechanism does not allow you to touch channels (over the channel references) outside the custom device scope. Unless you overcome this protection.

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