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Veristand XIL Framework Steps




probably a stupid question.  I just started implementing NI Veristand again using the new and improved XIL Steps for Teststand.  I'm used to working with the regular Veristand steps, so this is kinda new to me.  Ok, here's my problem:


I placed the "Open Veristand Project" and "Create Framework" steps in the process setup sequences of teststand.  I do this because then I can power the UUT (the PSU is a custom device) and query the serial number and put it in the report.  Now, that works well.  All the set variable and get variable stuff works nicely.  But, I also put the "Framework cleanup" step in the "process cleanup" sequence file callback.  And here's where things get wonky because I always get the following error:


Error executing substep 'Post'.
Step references another step (ID#:4E5EVYLA6hGL29BQmTj+2B) of type NI_FrameworkCreate that is missing or was not executed
Stack Trace:
at NationalInstruments.AsamXilSteps.AsamXilPlugin.StepWrappers.FrameworkStepWrapperBase.Link(RuntimeManager runtimeManager)
at NationalInstruments.AsamXilSteps.Core.RuntimeManager.DoExecute(StepWrapperBase stepWrapper, SequenceContext sequenceContext)
at NationalInstruments.AsamXilSteps.Core.RuntimeManager.ExecuteStep(SequenceContext thisContext, String stepWrapperId)


Now I know the step executed because all the other commands work beautifully, except the cleanup.  Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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Did you ever get a resolution to this?  I'm running into the same issue, except when trying to run with a parallel TestStand model.  The get/set variable values work fine on the first UUT, but as soon as either UUT stops running, i lose the reference to the Framework Create step, with the same error as you have.





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I haven't really found an elegant solution to this problem.  I've been creating separate framework references for each sequence.  Basically, I deploy the project in Process Setup, create an initial framework, set some things, and close it again.  Then I open another framework in the main sequence setup and close that in the main sequence cleanup.  I'm not sure if this will work for batch or parallel models because I see no way to use a specific framework handle, so I'm not sure how to make sure that each test socket is using it's own specific framework reference.  


The documentation also seems to be sorely lacking where the XIL steps are concerned.  I kinda wish NI would write a best practices/whitepaper guide on how to properly use these steps in the different process models...


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