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Dear All,

I have a problem with the connection of hardware between my cRIO-9068 and a model on Veristand.

I need to connect between the cRIO-9068 and a controller where a data will be sent from the cRIO RS232 to the controller RS232 and then the controller will send back a data to the cRIO ....

The based model that im working on is a simulink model which has been compiled into veristand model , im not sure if i have to make any configuration with respect to RS232 in the simulink model?

and also what configuration do i need to make at veristand if that possible?

Its a HILS application and the main problem is what  configuration must be done to communicate between the cRIO 9068 RS232 with the controller RS232 and how the connection will take a place in the veristand .


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Hi Mohammad,


Below is our general guidance on importing these models


Using Models from The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink® Software


Understanding How NI VeriStand Imports Models from The MathWorks, Inc. Simulink® Software

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The 9068 is a powerful target - I have built some interesting HIL simulators with it myself. 


It sounds like you have a Simulink model to bring into VeriStand.   It also sounds like that's compiling.  You're doing well so far.  Make sure those inports and outports are in engineering units (force, meters, etc.) and not in implementation details (e.g., bits to go on a bus).


In VeriStand, each module is responsible for its own data translation.  So, a model exposes its channels as engineering units (e.g., speed) and then a hardware interface module will convert that to what is necessary to be written to hardware.  In this case, it sounds like you need a serial custom device.


The custom device should have inport channels in engineering units (e.g., speed) and then it will convert them into the correct messages (like RS232 commands).  It will then write them onto the bus.


Here's a few custom device resources:

If you are not comfortable making a custom device, I would suggest finding someone who can help you out.


Does that help?

Andrew Heim
Systems Engineer
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