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VeriStand Bug: Can't use constants in range -2^31 to - 2^32 in realtime sequences

Well, it looks like I found another VeriStand bug.


The attached sequence doesn't compile. (2015 SP1)




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Hi Krid,


I just wanted to let you know that I was able to reproduce the error on our end and I will be filing a Corrective Action Request (bug report) to address the problem.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention; we appreciate your feedback!


Is this affecting the implementation of your code?  If so, we can look into workarounds.  If this is just something you came across and would like to track progress, I can provide you the CAR number.  

Matt | NI Systems Engineering
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Hello Matt,


please provide the CAR number.


There is no need to look into workarounds. We are generating our realtime sequences programatically, so workarounds would have to be implemented in my code generator and this is something I don't want to do at this point in time.




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I have managed to compile it when adding decimal point to constand. Instead of DoubleVariable=-2147483648 expression DoubleVariable=-2147483648.00 is used. If you can change your sequence generator code to programaticly add .00 to double constants maybe it will solve issue.

Vuk Obradović
Senior R&D Engineer at Forsteh d.o.o.
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CAR number is 602395.  Thanks!



Matt | NI Systems Engineering
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