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Unable to connect to PXI-8101, error -307853

Unable to connect to PXI-8101, error -307853



First time using VeriStand 2011 to connect to an external device.  I am trying to connect to a PXI-8101.  However, even with a brand new project, I am unable to connect to the target.  I get the error code -307853,  LabVIEW serial port received a buffer overflow and that the network connection was refused by the server.


The connection with the PXI-8101 is good, as I am able to connect to it using LabVIEW and MAX.


Attached is a screenshot of the settings I am using to connect.  I have tired an assortment of settings, with none being successful.

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Re: Unable to connect to PXI-8101, error -307853



please make sure that the VeriStand RT Engine is running on the PXI-8101. The easiest way would be to reinstall it on the controller.


Hope this helps, if you have any further questions just ask.







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回复: Unable to connect to PXI-8101, error -307853

I want to know how you solve this problem, is the reason for veristand engine,i try to install the engine in the rt target,it tells me that I have to solve following dependencies:

veristand engine need multifuction DAQ 15.0.0
veristand engine need analog output series15.0.0

Possible reason(s): The real-time support for the component for this terminal may not yet be installed.


I dont kown how to do next.


I hope you will give me a soulution.


Thank you! 

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