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UDP in Veristand Model instead of Custom Device



I have developed a complex model from Simulink which needs to comunicate via UDP. The first problem I have is that the model doesn't support string output, so I need to split the message into an array but it is not a very big problem, because I'm generating an array including the total size for UDP.

Now (and here is the problem) for the UDP communication I have tried:

1) Use a model generated from Labview. The models can read array inputs so I can map the array simulink dll ouput to the array input (of course I need to match the size). The problem is that I cannot get running the UDP communication by using a model. I get error 60.

2) Use a custom device. I have move the code into a custom device and now the UDP communication works, great! The problem now is that Custom device doesn't support array as input so I need to map manually up to 100 vector positions comming from simulink dll.

Any idea about how to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance.


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Any idea about this issue?



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Error 60 said that the port is now under the use. Can you change UDP port on your code?

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