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The Veristand gateway was unable to establish a connection with the target

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Hi all,

when I try to run the project on cRIO-9068 I got the error message that shown next.

as I read to use cRIO with veristand the ram should be over 128MB , so as I understand the cRIO-9068 can handle and work with veristand .

also I tried to run the project on windows , the project worked .

I cant figure why this happened with me , I choose the controller operating system to Linux_32 because this is the type that been mentioned on the NI website .

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Have you already tried the troubleshooting steps in this Knowledge article?


Error 63 for System Definition File Cannot Be Deployed to Real-Time (RT) Target from VeriStand

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Accepted by topic author MohammadOkour

Dear Reyquaza ,

Thank you for response.

I have uninstall the software that been already installed and re-install all the software again from Custom software installation from MAX.


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