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Routing Triggers in XNET when using Veristand



I have previously used the XNET driver in LabVIEW to trigger some CAN interfaces to start based on the receipt of a trigger from another source.


I am now using VeriStand since it has some really nice out of the box features but I don't know how to implement a trigger now. Basically I would like to route a trigger from PXI_Trig0 to the start interface of CAN 1 but not sure how to handle this in veristand. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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You only need to route the start trigger if you are using Signal Input Waveform Mode so that the timestamp in the waveform data between channels are synchronized.

Native XNET provided by VeriStand only supports Signal Input Single-Point Mode. There is no timestamp information so routing start trigger is not needed.

As long as all modules are within the same PXI chassis, they are synced to the same backplane clock. All channel data are synchronized at any given time.

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Hi ZY_Ong,


Thanks for your fast reply. The problem is For example I want to export the start trigger of another DAQ task such as an FIU(Fault Insertion Unit) to PXI_Trig0 and import that to the XNET Interface so I can calculate how long it take for a message to appear on CAN when a fault is present elsewhere in the system. Veristand also allows you to view the raw frame data which contains the timestamp of the received frame. So with this I could determine how long it took for the fault to broadcast on CAN.

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