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Resetting Veristand Simulation

I need to reset my simulation without undeploying and redeploying.  I know I can programmatically reset my models, but I cant figure out how to reset my X-Net hardware channels between runs.  They seem to hold their last value until new data arrives. 

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There is no way how to restart NI-XNET sessions without redeploying the SDF. You can however set channels (for example some user channel) to disable frame transmition. Next option is to write a procedure or RT sequence which will set initial values for all NI-XNET output channels. As long as they acts (as any other VeriStand Channels) as sample holds that's pretty much all the options you have...

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I am more concerned with setting my input channels, the output channels are driven from my model, which I can reset. Procedures do not let me set the values of input channels.  I can fault inject on them but as soon as I clear the faults they return to their previous value.  I am fairly stumped

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