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Remove nivsscreen from project and just use UI manager

I'm using NIVS 2015 SP1 that includes UI manager. When I create a project it also adds a UI manager entry under "User interface" to go along with the *.nivsscreen file. When I click to run the project, both UI manager and the workspace open. Is there any way to remove the .nivsscreen file so that running the project only opens UI manager?



Stephen B
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Hi StephenB


I did some testing and did not find an option to either remove the workspace file from the project, or keep it from executing. I'll escalate this and post again as soon as I have an update 🙂



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Apparently, there is no native way to do this yet. I'll be filling a CAR about this, thanks for pointing it out! As a possible workaround, you could try to launch VeriStand silently, and then launch the UI manager separately. Please let us know if this helps!



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This was the result of a technical limitation we had. The reason you still need the Workspace is the following:


When you click to Run a project from the Getting Started Window, then the only window visible by default is the Workspace. You don't see the project. And when you close the Workspace, that is the signal to stop and close the hidden project and to return to the Getting Started Window. So in this scenario, if you don't have a workspace and only UI Manager, you'd end up with no windows visible for VeriStand at all, and no good way for VeriStand to know when to stop and close the project and return to the Getting Started Window, since UI Manager is a separate process.


I'm sure there's some sort of trick we could perform to get around all of this if we think outside the box. One alternative I considered was to have a small, unobtrusive or minimized Workspace-replacement window that would show up to make sure you don't end up with zero visible VeriStand windows. There are other options we could look into, but hopefully this helps you understand our predicament.

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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One way shall be to only deploy the VeriStand project (fom project explorer) and then to run UI manager and connect it to the active project.

In that case the workspace won't be opened.

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I have a high-level question about this. If I use the VeriStand .Net API to launch everything, can I make this auto-launch of the Workspace go away? Thanks.


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I use the following to automate the deployment of a project from the VS APIs in Labview:

Execution VI->Project vi-> Open Project Ref

Execution VI->Project vi->Project Execution vis->Connect Project

Execution VI->Project vi-> Deploy Project

Execution VI->Project vi->Workspace Automation Vi->Open workspace window to open the workspace, or in your case don't.


Make sure to close your references when done.


Good Luck!


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