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PWM Signal from PXI-7853R to Veristand


Hello dear Members,


I am trying currently to receive PWM signals from my PXI-7853R which is connected to an ECU. The ECU is actually generating the PWM Signal. Therefore I used a breakeout box from NI to connect the pins/ports. Now I connected the breakeout box with according cable to my PXI-7853R.

So now the issue is, I can measure with the oscilloscope a PWM signal but I cant receive that signal in my Veristand program vi.



Thanks for any help an suggestions.

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Hello Study2019,


Can you describe how you measure the PWM signals in Veristand?  With a custom device or a FPGA personality?

Maybe there's something wrong with your code?




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Hello Study2019,


Are you sure you used proper cables and connector block?

Have you tried to acquire the PWM using NI MAX?

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