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I'd like to use "Open Workspace Tool Step" ( in a stimulus profile in order to open my custom tool (called Alarm Monitor Tool) created according to this document,


The problem is that I cannot select the main .vi (Alarm included in the 'Alarm Monitor Tool.llb'.





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Accepted by topic author fra_sab
11-10-2018 03:02 AM

That's a good catch! Hopefully NI will see this and fill in a corrective action request (feel free to contact their support too) so you can at least select something else than a VI in the filters in the file dialog.


An easy workaround (and good practice) is to distribute your custom tool code as 2 pieces:

- The "main" launchable VI

- The support LLB that contains all the needed dependencies for the main to work.


You can apply this to custom workspace objects too.


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