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New Alias after sys def is deployed?

New Alias after sys def is deployed?

Is there a way to create a new Alias after the system def is deployed to the RT system?  I was looking at some of the .Net functionality from Labview 2011 and VeriStand 2011, but I didn't see how to create a new Alias while the sys def is running.  Is this possible, or do I have to undeploy, add the alias and then redeploy?  I have a Labview front end on the Veristand system and wanted to isolate the user from Veristand as much as possible, but sometime an Alias needs to be added to help describe the current test set up.



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Re: New Alias after sys def is deployed?

There is no way to create an alias after you have deployed your system definition. Since you are providing your own custom LV interface, one option you might consider is to have your own built-in notion of aliases. For instance, you can create your own look-up with whatever names you like and then resolve these items to actual system definition paths or aliases. Since you own this look-up table, you can control it however you like, including adding or removing elements after deployment.


Just a thought...

Jarrod S.
National Instruments
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