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NI-VeriStand and cRIO 9038

I'm trying to deploy NI-VeriStand system definition with an EtherCAT custom device into a cRIO 9038,  Linux_32_ARM. I am getting the following error.


The VeriStand Gateway encountered an error while deploying the System Definition file.


Error -307608 occurred at Project Window.lvlibSmiley Tongueroject >> Project Window.lvlib:Command >> NI_VS Workspace ExecutionAPI.lvlib:NI VeriStand - Connect to

Possible reason(s):

NI VeriStand:  The custom device does not provide a valid source distribution for the target specified. Specify a different target or contact the creator of the custom device for further support.


The Scan Engine and EtherCAT 2017 v4.3.1 was used.

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As far as I know, cRIO-903x is Linux 64bit but not Linux 32bit. Does this help?

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It did not help. The issue seems to be with the custom device. 

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Hi MajedBenKalefa,


Can you confirm you have selected Linux_x64 for the Operating System of the Controller's Target Specification? 


2017-11-20 13_06_25-vs-steps-build-vm on USAUSLT-WIA1K58 - Virtual Machine Connection.png


If you still get the same error, can you tell us whether you downloaded the custom device from the community page or are you building the custom device from the source code?


Best regards,



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The issue is fixed . I uploaded the custom device from the community page again and this time worked well. 

Thanks Andy

Thanks Yin

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