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NI VeriStand - Get Single Channel Value

Hello everyone
I want to read an NI VeriStand Workspace channel via LabView. The hardware for this is on an NI PXI system.
I can't read the channel with the VI shown, what could be the fault? I get error 1172 in the "Open Workspace Manager Reference" Block.
Can you tell me where the error lies, or is there good guidance for making the project working?




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Could you please share the screenshot of error message?


Best regards

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thanks for your answer.

I get the following Error Message:


The IP-Adress is the one i get from NI-MAX for my PXI-System.


Best regards.

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What PXI are you using?

You need to download the users manual and need to correct your remote connection options.


Best regards

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i have the PXIe-1082 Chassis with a PXIe-8880 Controller.

Are there some informations about this in the users manual?

Where can I setup the remote connection options?


Thanks and Best regards.

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In links below you can find the users manuals for your devices.


Have fun

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Thanks for the links. But i still don't understand what settings i should make and where. I have been working with the PXI system remote via VeriStand for almost 2 years, so where should I make settings on the remote options? Also in the manuals I do not find suitable topics for it.
Thank you for your help


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Here is another a link of Getting started for PXIe-8880.


In documents you need check out, that the remote connection options in NI MAX are correct and if needed correct them.


Best regards

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thanks for your explanations, but unfortunately dont get at all, what you mean exactly.

Could you maybe send a screenshot of the connection options in NI MAX?


Best Regards 

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Sorry, but I do not have installed connected and installed any device, so I can't send you a screenshot.

The previous link was incorrect, here is what I wanted to send.

Read carefully the documents, there are all explanations and sequence of installing and configuring the devices with it's drivers and softwares. 


Best regards

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