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Matlab model import error in NI VeriStand for Windows Target

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I have developed a simple model in Matlab 2020a and did the code generation for building the .dll file for VeriStand Windows Target. I could able to build the model successfully after installing the dependencies required for the compiler. But, when I import it in VeriStand I face some issues. I have attached the import error (import.png) and code generation section in Matlab (code_gen.png) FYR. Can anyone please let me know what could be the root cause of the issue? 


Below are the System Configuration,

OS: Windows 10 64-bit

NIVeriStand version: 20.3

Matlab version: 2020a

Mingw compiler ver: MinGW-W64-builds-4.3.5 (as per the compatibility mentioned in NI website)



Madan Mohan 

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Hello Madan Mohan,


Are you familiar with this document?

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Hello VA.KI,

Yes, I have followed that procedure and installed all the requisite compilers and IDE tools required for building the .dll file. I could able to build the executable in MATLAB, but my main concern is it's not importing that model in VeriStand for the Windows Target. Please let me know how to solve this aspect of the problem, Thanks


Madan Mohan 

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Accepted by topic author MadanMohan



Unfortunately I haven't had chance to perform such kind of task.

However maybe this article will shed light on this topic.

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Thank you so much for the article reference. It has helped me to solve the issue. The MEX compiler initialized in the MATLAB software was different (mex_c_win64) than the toolchain (mingw64) that I used for the building the model. I initialized the model with the latter compiler and then built the model. Now, I could able to import the model in NI VeriStand for Windows



Madan Mohan

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